Leonard Boniface & Sassi Traoré

Leonard Boniface & Sassi Traoré

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Whitehorse, YT

African Music

Leonard Boniface “Lenny” is a musician – singer, songwriter, and drummer – and humanitarian born and raised in Tanzania, East Africa. Leonard is a former member of the Oxfam International Youth Parliament, President of TELIYA International and a founder of the Yukon African Caribbean Association. Leonard has inspired thousands of people around the world through his multiple talents as a journalist, administrator, musician, activist, and humanitarian. He launched in 2013 his album, Wakijijini which available on iTunes, amazon, eMusic etc. Leonard has dedicated this album to helping people in need and managed to start a Mobile Public Library in Tanzania. He visited over 100 cities in the world on his humanitarian work. For more info on Leonard’s music and humanitarian work; visit his website at http://www.leonardboniface.com and www.theteliya.org

Mohamadou Traore (Sassi) is a traditional musician who sings and plays drums, guitar and many other local African instruments. He was born in Mali and currently lives in the Yukon. He played music with the best African musician called Alpha Blond. He visited many countries in playing music around the world. Together with Leonard Boniface they have been performing in various events around Whitehorse and other places. They have performed previously for the Adaka Festival. For the past years, Sassi has been busy recording music, visiting communities and performing in various events.