Peoples of the Longhouse

Peoples of the Longhouse

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Collaborative Artists: Brad Henry & Christina Moore

Christina Moore and Brad Henry are professional Visual Artists and Art Facilitators who are passionate about promoting cultural understanding through art. For over 10 years, they have been working in collaboration to create art that is strongly rooted in their cultural traditions. Brad Henry is Tlingit and Vun Tut Gwitch’n. Christina Moore comes from Huron-Wendat decent. Although their ancestors come from different geographic regions, Brad and Christina focus the similarities between their traditional longhouse cultures. Through the creation of new works of art, they celebrate their similarities and embrace their differences. They paint using traditional Pacific Northwest Coast design elements, which they infuse with unique colour combinations and symbolic meaning and teachings. They believe that “to live in harmony, we must work together to gain an understanding and appreciation for cultures different from our own. One source for such understanding is the arts.”