Whitney Horne

Whitney Horne

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Teslin, Yukon

Inland Tlingit Traditional Arts

Whitney Horne (1982- ) is an Inland Tlingit visual artist, craftsperson, and graphic designer from Teslin, Yukon. She works with a combination of traditional and contemporary media.
Whitney is a member of the Dakhlaweidi Eagle Clan and Teslin Tlingit Council. Her great grandmother and namesake Shawat gha’xhi (Annie Sidney) moved inland to Yukon from coastal Alaska and married a miner from the 1898 gold rush (George Geddes). They settled at 12 mile near Teslin and began Yukon’s first known mink ranch.
Whitney learned to sew with her Tlingit grandmother (Pansy Bailey) at a young age. She was handed down traditional patterns that have been in her family for several generations. Many of her handcrafted works combine practical tailoring with exceptional detailing using sewing techniques and materials symbolic to Tlingit life + culture such as beading, applique, weaving, and sewing with canvas, wool, leathers, and furs.
She also works with new media such as photography and graphic design, sculpture and illustration; and has attended University of Calgary and Banff Centre for fine arts.