Yuka Dena Drummers

Yuka Dena Drummers

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Ross River, Yukon

Traditional Drumming & Song

The Yuka Drummers are a traditional Dene drum group comprised of men from the Kaska & Mountain Slavey peoples. The word “Yuka” in the Kaska language means “Aurora Borealis”. 

The members of the Yuka Drummers have been performing for well over 20+ years.  Though previously, they have performed under the names of the “Ross River Drummers and Kaska Dena Drummers”. However; in early 2016 the drum group leaders have decided to refocus the group and return to performing and sharing their culture under the new name.

The songs of the Yuka Drummers range from powerful prayer songs to high-energy drum dance songs to love songs to challenge songs. These very unique and special dene songs have been passed down through the generations. The Yuka Drummers are very excited to share their traditional dene music and hope to encourage all other people groups to become champions of their own culture and traditions.  Mussi / Souga Sin La