Janelle Hager

Janelle Hager

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Prince George , BC

Beadwork, Hide & Fur Products, Jewelry, Quillwork

Janelle is a visual artist from Pelly Crossing, YT. She belongs to the Northern Tutchone Crow Clan and also has Coastal Tlingit and Choctaw roots. Janelle is a mother to four children and a grandmother to one. Janelle left home to pursue her dream of becoming a maternity nurse and now resides in Prince George, BC where she seen that dream through. Janelle uses her art form as a way to feel connected to her ancestors. It is her way to disconnect with the physical world and relieve stress. She uses the world around her as inspiration for her work. She hopes to learn more from her mother and grandmother, and other artists. She believes that artists should support and lift one another up. She hopes one day to teach her children and grandchildren what she has learned in order to preserve traditional artwork. She enjoys sharing her work with everyone and strives to continually learn more about her culture and traditions.