Anastasia Hobson-George

Anastasia Hobson-George

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Juneau, Alaska

Chilkat & Ravenstail Weaver

Anastasia (Shaawaat Ku Gei) Hobson-George, 21,is Tlingit Wooshkeetaan Clan (Eagle/ Shark).
She lives in Juneau, Alaska. Anastasia is a multi-disciplined artist with several years of dance
and visual arts experience. She learned Ravenstail weaving when she was 11 in the Montessori
Program, and Chilkat weaving in a beginner’s headband workshop from Clarissa Rizal when
she was 13. She continued to study weaving through Goldbelt and Sealaska summer camps,
and has been Lily Hopes official apprentice for over 2 years first through the Alaska State
Council on The Arts Master/Apprenticeship grant and now through the Native Arts and Culture
Foundation Master/Apprenticeship grant. By the end of her apprenticeship she plans to start her
first full sized chilkat robe