Arlene Ness

Arlene Ness

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Hazeltown, British Columbia

Carver, Jeweler, and Painter

Arlene Ness, Wilps Tsi Basaa – Giskaast of the Gitxsan nation is an artist of many mediums. Her love of nature, culture, and wildlife shines through her many works of art.
Having attended two years at the world renowned Kitanmaax School of Northwest Coast Indian Art and Design, graduated from the Freda Diesing school with a diploma in First Nation’s Fine Art, and completed an apprenticeship in native art jewellery with world renowned Gitxsan artist Earl Muldon; Arlene has expanded her already extensive repertoire of art mediums by immersing herself in her culture and learning a new outlet for her artistic vision: carving and native art.