Brenda Asp

Brenda Asp

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Haines Junction, Yukon

Jeweler, Fashion

Born and raised in the Yukon, growing up Brenda was exposed to the traditional ways of First Nation leather garments; various concepts of print design, precision & machine operation as well as traditional beading of her First Nation people. Playing with designs of flowers and shapes while experimenting with mixed media allows her to find ways of displaying this art and cultural history on garments, jewelry and accessories.

A member of the Crow Clan, her diverse ancestral background consists of Northern Tutchone First Nation from the Snag area of Yukon and Tahltan from Northern BC with ancestral lineage of Tlingit from the coasts of Alaska.

Brenda toured North America showing at various Art Festivals & numerous fashion shows: Couture Fashion Week, Manhattan New York, National Aboriginal Fashion Week, Saskatoon; Western Canada Fashion Week, Edmonton., Sea Alaska Heritage, Tinaa Art Auction, Juneau, AK;  Adaka Cultural Festival, Whitehorse.