Diane Olsen

Diane Olsen

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Whitehorse, Yukon


Diane Olsen is a Northern Tutchone, Gwich’in and Han Hwech’in descendent
born in Mayo, Yukon, currently living in Whitehorse with her family.

Diane’s creative inspirations come from her passion to create beautiful
pieces with northern traditional flair with a modern twist. Both her mother
and late grandmother are her greatest inspirations to create wonderful
works of art using beads, porcupine quills and moose hair.

She is open to learning new skills and techniques to enhance her products.
As she learns new skills with modern materials such as cabochon stones, she
works these into her traditional sewing.

As she is creating her work, Diane hears her mother’s voice in the
background “if you are not happy with your work, take it apart and redo
it”. Sometimes this could be 2 to 4 times. With this in mind, Diane takes
great pride in the products she designs.