Elizabeth Kyikavichik

Elizabeth Kyikavichik

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Old Crow, Yukon


My name is Elizabeth Kyikavichik. I am originally from Fort McPherson N.T. but I chose to make my home in Old Crow Yukon. I have operated a day home for the last 27 years.

I live a traditional and cultural lifestyle in Old Crow and occasionally I close the day home and move to my camp up Porcupine River for the spring or summer for harvesting.

My other passion is to continue my tradition and be hands on with my culture. I just love beading. I love being creative with my patterns and passing on ideas. Working and passing on different ways of beading on gloves, vest, mitts, and slippers. I believe all First Nations people who practice, observe, and share their cultural ways should feel proud.

We are aware we as First Nations people have our own style, patterns, and colour choices and we are proud. We must respect other First Nations People’s ways of creating . The latest project I have been working on is a Vest with embroidered flowers outlines with beads.