Florence Moses

Florence Moses

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Whitehorse, Yukon

Traditional Arts

Florence Moses is from the First Nation of Na-Cho Nyak Dun and has Northern Tutchone, Gwich’in and Han heritage. Florence was born in Mayo, Yukon, but has lived in all parts of western Canada, before settling down in Whitehorse. Florence has always been around sewing since she could remember, seeing colourful tin cans at her grandmother’s house. She would look inside them hoping for candies or cookies, but found beads instead. Florence began beading at twenty-five, when she decided to make a baby belt for her eldest son Harley Moses. The baby belt was a learning experience. Making this belt taught her how not to overcrowd the beads by keeping her material flat while beading, instead of being bubbled. She really began to understand why and how the elders did what they did. It took her about two years to complete this baby belt.

Florence picked up her needle again in 2012, when she responded to a national call to action for the Walking with our Sisters exhibition. When she beaded the tongues for the exhibit, the experience brought back a lot of memories for her. Memories of when she was young and watched her grandmothers sew. After this exhibit she began to sew more and more.

When Florence is beading apiece together, she is already planning her colour choices for her next project. She looks for the hues of colours and varying sparkle in her collection of beads. Her next piece is inspired by the flow of colour from the materials and hide that she has around her when she is working. Florence likes to mix modern materials with traditional inspiration.