Gary Sidney Johnson

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Carcross, Yukon

Traditional Dance

Gary Sidney Johnson, Keinas.áx̱ Łdóos Kaanáx̱ Ḵuwóox’ is an entertainer, actor, DJ, song composer, singer, dancer and cultural Jedi. He began performing air-band in his living room for his family as a kid and took every opportunity to get involved in theater. In 2005, he worked on the set during the filming of Big White, rubbing elbows with Woody Harrelson and Robin Williams. Gary is the Shí Sʼaatí, Song Master, for the Daḵká Ḵwáan Dancers and has performed internationally with the group, for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and opening for Buffy Sainte-Marie. Gary is of Carcross/Tagish, Teslin and Atlin ancestry. He is an Ambassador for the Łingit and Tagish languages.