George Roberts

George Roberts

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Whitehorse, Yukon Territory

Knife maker, Jeweler, Metalworker, Carver

Calling himself Bandit Blades, George Roberts has been making his handcrafted knives for over 30 years, most recently in his well-equipped shop in the McCrae area in Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada. George started making knives in 1978, primarily for hunters, fishers and collectors. At that time he was based Parkhill, Ontario, a small community near Sarnia and running a fishing lodge near Wawa, in the Northern part of the province. He couldn’t find knives made of high quality steel for cleaning fish, so he started making his own. Now George makes knives for clients all over the world. His combination of quality steel and ornate handles made of exotic wood, bone, antler, stone and even fossilized mastodon make his knives truely a thing of beauty.  As a founding member of the Candian Knifemakers Guild, he was instrumental in the Guild establishing a web site for its members.