Joella Hogan

Joella Hogan

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Mayo, Yukon

Soap Making

I live in Mayo, the heart of the Yukon in northern Canada where people have a deep respect for the land and what it can provide for us. I am a lover of local, natural, ethical, high quality, authentic, made with love products!

I am a steward of the land, for clean water, for fair trade, for the power of plants. I care about the essential oil distillers, the palm forests, the orangutans, the sandalwood trees. All of these ethical issues matter when it comes to soap.

It is important for me to create products that have a small footprint, use local ingredients as much as possible and that continue to meet the needs of those who enjoy my products.

I find inspiration from the land around me and from the wonderfully creative people that I surround myself with. I strive to live a simple, self sufficient lifestyle and support other makers of things “homemade”.