Joyce Roberts

Joyce Roberts

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Fairbanks, AK


I am Joyce Roberts. I am from Eagle Village, Alaska near the Canadian border. My mother is Angela (Malcolm)Harper and my father is Arthur Harper. I have two older brothers, Ron and Edward. I have lived in Fairbanks most of my life, I lived in Eagle for 7 years. I have 4 children, 2 boys and 2 girls. I am a widow. Beadwork turned from a hobby to my main job during the day. I learned beading from my 82 yo mother when I was 5 years old. She learned it from her mother Sarah Malcolm. I do moccasins, dancing boots, jewelry, gloves, vests, beaded collars, dresses. I have won a few beading contests in my career. I like working on challenging pieces such as beading animal designs. My work has been photographed with high profile indigenous/non-indigenous figures in the United States. I continue to pass down the knowledge of beadworking to my children and nieces.