Karen Nicloux

Karen Nicloux

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Whitehorse, Yukon

Traditional Arts

Karen Nicloux is proficient in the art of embroidery, traditional sewing and beadwork. Karen was born in Mayo, Yukon. Her parents are Martha Buyck and George Nicloux. Karen belongs to her mother’s First Nation, Nacho Nyak Dun. She is Northern Tutchone and a member of the Wolf Clan, she is also part Cree on her father’s side. Growing up in Mayo, Karen learned to hunt, fish and trap from her father and learned to cook and sew from her mother. Karen said she never had much patience beading, but she was proficient in the art of embroidery, and sewing together mukluks, slippers, and mitts. Prior to her mother’s passing, Karen had been practicing sewing with her mother and will continue her mother’s legacy.