Laura Grizzlypaws

Laura Grizzlypaws

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Kamloops, British Columbia

Singer/Songwriter and Dancer

Laura Grizzlypaws began to relearn the traditions of her culture her passion grew stronger in education and the heritage of her people. She is a dancer, drummer and a singer/songwriter, an academic, educator language and cultural advocate and a mother.

Thorough knowledge of education and cultural values make way for a clear vision of the cultural expressions of the St’át’imc songs, oral traditions, storytelling, dances and the social interactions of the people.

Her education background consists of a Masters in Education Land Based Education(2011); Bachelor of General Studies Degree Linguistics & First Nation Studies (2007); Bachelor of Education Degree Curriculum Development & Instruction (2007); Professional Development Teaching Certificate (2006); Language Proficiency Certificate (2003); Counselling & Wellness Certificate (2003) and a Language Heroes award for the British Columbia Salishan language. Her educational accomplishments gained were made possible through the balance of traditional and spiritual practices of her St’át’imc cultural heritage.