Miranda-Lee Lane

Miranda-Lee Lane

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High Level, Alberta

Spiritual Intuitive Artwork

Miranda Lane is a self-taught artist and spiritual intuitive. When she was a child, her grandfather (Mother’s father) Chief Little Jimmy, shared the importance of animal medicine and the value of our interconnectedness with all beings and Mother Earth -  these lessons have greatly influenced and contributed to her artistic endeavours. She describes herself as someone who “paints intuitively from the heart, capturing the gifts of Mother Earth, using Spirit animals to deliver messages to help others on their Earth walk”. Miranda is a member of the Wolf clan and a citizen of the Liard First Nation and currently lives in Alberta with her husband Doug of 29 years and their dog Zues. She is the mother of two grown sons, Joshua and Jeremiah, and has a degree in Psychology and Social Welfare. When she isn’t painting, drawing, or creating art out of her home studio she provides Spiritual Intuitive Counselling from home.