Nico Williams

Nico Williams

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Montreal, Quebec

Geometric Beadwork

I am a geometric beadwork artist. I have exhibited in solo shows at Ojibwe Cultural Foundation (2017) and Ashukan (2018). I have also exhibited in many group exhibits and have worked with or/in collaboration with indigenous artists across north America (I.e. Dayna Danger, Nadia Myre, Kent Monkman) 

I am currently enrolled at Concordia University Masters of sculpture (1st year). I also travel during school to give workshops, research and create.

I recently finished an amazing 2 week panel at MIT in Cambridge Massachusetts! I was excited to be invited by the school without application.

I also have lots of workshop/teaching experience (Native Montreal, UofT, north bay gallery, Meteque, OCF,  Tewegan womens home, MIT, and more)

My work focuses on the revitalization of beadwork and questions the place it belongs in the 21st century! I want to challenge youth to think about colour and patterns that relate to their environment and how to learn the basic technical skills to communicate their stories with flatwork. The workshops will encourage the youth to eventually turn it into exciting 3-D forms made of beadwork!