Randi Nelson

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Whitehorse, Yukon

Hide & Fur Products, Fashion Design, Beadwork, Jewelry, Quillwork, Tufting

Randi Nelson is a designer of beaded jewelry and apparel. She is of Metis, Secwepemc and European ancestry. Born into a creative family, Randi’s mother encouraged harvesting flowers and plants from the land to create handmade gifts for friends and family. These lessons from her mother helped to found Randi’s practice of looking to nature to find inspiration for her work.

With a primary focus on beadwork and jewelry, Randi began working with traditional materials when she was pregnant with her first child. After receiving a pair of baby moccasins passed down through her family, Randi attempted to replicate the delicate work of the original artist. Encouraged by women when attending local beading circles, listening to stories and advice from Elders, Randi developed her skills by responding to materials that are available in nature.

Her work often corresponds with the seasons and requires quick observation to document and create pieces while flora is still flourishing. This practice also assists Randi in identifying and learning about plants, honouring their ephemeral quality and building respect for the knowledge they hold.

Randi shares her learning and skills in beading circles and in workshops with others. Her work has been acquired by the Yukon Permanent Art Collection and has been purchased by collectors around the world.