Old Crow Dancers

Old Crow Dancers

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Old Crow, Yukon

Traditional Drum and Dance

The Vuntut Gwich’in Dancers are made up of youth from Old Crow; they ae students that Stan and Cheryl work with at Chief Zzeh Gittlit School. Throughout the past years, this particular group of youth have been actively involved in traditional gwich’in fiddle dances and take their dancing seriously as they are very passionate about their jigging, square-dancing, waltzing and other dances that they will perform here today and don’t need much swaying when it comes to dancing. These dancers have performed in Old Crow at events such as Vadzaii Drin Choo/Big Caribou Days in Old Crow, Adäka and will be performing at Moosehide Gathering in Dawson this summer.

Please join us in welcoming Stan Njootli Sr., Cheryl Charlie who have been leading this group, and the youth are Jayce Charlie, Jynestta Charlie, Dredyn Kassi and Jynestta Charlie