Zofia Rogowski

Zofia Rogowski

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Victoria, British Columbia

Beading, Painting, Printmaking

Boozhoo (hello), my name is Zofia. I am Anishinaabe from Rama, and I also have Polish heritage. I live as a grateful visitor on Lkwungen Territories in Victoria, BC, where I was born and raised. Waawaashkeshi nindoodem (I am from Deer Clan). I am a Two-Spirit. I am a multidisciplinary visual artist, an Indigenous arts educator, and a non-fiction writer.

Most of my art education has taken place in Indigenous community settings. I have been extremely fortunate to encounter generous artists from many nations who have shared skills and teachings with me. I try to honour their generosity by teaching the skills I have to others, and by creating spaces where Indigenous people can access art supplies.

My art practice is spiritual, intellectual, physical and emotional. Art connects me to my ancestors and with the animism of the world. My practice intertwines art with research about language, plants, animals, and culture. When I create, I have to relate to the physical space around me and translate my ideas into something tangible. Making art allows me to process and express my feelings in healthy ways.

In recent years, I have concentrated on beadwork, illustration, acrylic painting and block printing. The themes in my art include reclamation of Anishinaabe identity and language; reestablishing understanding of and kinship to the land, water, sky, and all the non-human beings who cohabitate this place with us; and explorations of relationships between colour, texture and geometry.

I believe Indigenous art and artists have a role to play in the preservation, resurgence and revitalization of our languages, cultures and communities. It is my hope that I may contribute to Indigenous communities in a good way through my art practice.

Chi miigwech!