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Kwanlin Dün First Nation Support Will Lift Up the Adäka Cultural Festival

Jun 22, 2022

The Adäka Cultural Festival can count on Kwanlin Dün First Nation’s support for its 10th anniversary.

Kwanlin Dün First Nation (KDFN) is joining Adäka’s new Giving with Intention partnership program to support the Lift Giving Circle. By giving to the Lift Circle, KDFN’s investment will help showcase the brave spirit of Yukon First Nations and boost the confidence and careers of Indigenous artists.

The Spirit of the Drums Experience—taking place at Adäka on the afternoon of Saturday, July 2 around the Kwanlin Dün Cultural Centre fire pit—will be lifted by KDFN’s support. A spectacular opportunity to experience the excitement, power and heartbeat of diverse drum dancing traditions of First Nations and Inuit peoples from across the North, The Spirit of the Drums Experience presents over 50 traditional northern drummers and dancers.

 “Kwanlin Dün First Nation’s support of Adäka’s Lift Circle will help Indigenous artists to rise to their potential. We look forward to working in partnership with KDFN to build on the momentum that Adäka generates for the revitalization and resurgence of Indigenous arts and cultures in the Yukon and beyond.”

— Charlene Alexander, Adäka Cultural Festival Co-Producer

“Kwanlin Dün First Nation is proud to help lift up this vibrant cultural festival. Connecting with culture and tradition is vital for Yukon First Nations people, especially when we’re going through hard times. Now that we can gather together again safely, Adäka provides a much-needed opportunity for all Yukoners and visitors to experience and find connection through our many forms of art, music, dance and more.” 

— Chief Doris Bill, Kwanlin Dün First Nation


Kwanlin Dün First Nation, one of the largest Yukon First Nations, has established a system of responsible self-government. The transition from an Indian Act government to a Self-Governing First Nation has brought many changes to ensure that Kwanlin Dün First Nation is a government that respects First Nations culture, delivers appropriate programs and services that promote health, wellness and prosperity, and empowers its people.


Give with Intention

The Adäka Cultural Festival has taken new approach to our sponsorship program this year. This fresh and unique way to support the Festival allows partners to give with intention. Partners can decide which of the four intentional giving circles align with their support best: community, connect, life, or grow.

Support from the business community, organizations, and Yukon First Nations governments is crucial for the ongoing success of the Festival. If you’re interested in partnering, please contact Kelly Proudfoot at

To learn more about how to give with intention and what this new approach looks like for partners, visit

Adäka funding partners include the Government of Canada, Yukon Government, Canadian Heritage, Canadian Council for the Arts, Makeway Foundation, Northwest Territories Arts, Government of Nunavut, and Lotteries Yukon.


The Adäka Cultural Festival will take place from June 29 to July 5, 2022 at the Kwanlin Dün Cultural Centre with the theme, ‘Northern Connections’. Over 200 visual and performing artists from across Canada’s North and guest artists from other Circumpolar countries will gather to showcase their arts, music, and cultures and take part in a rich program full of collaborative opportunities for learning, sharing, presenting, and cultural exchange.

Launched in July 2011, the mission of the Adäka Cultural Festival is to develop and deliver a world-class, iconic event that showcases, celebrates, and fosters the development of Yukon’s diverse and distinctive Yukon Indigenous arts and culture. YFNCT proudly produces the festival, led by a strong board of Yukon First Nations leaders.

For more information or to arrange an interview, contact:

Katie Johnson
Adäka Cultural Festival Co-Producer
(867) 332-5283